Moroccan market town turned into stylish heaven

Far from Moroccan well-known tourist routes lies Taroudant, a remote market town with

gorgeous villas designed and decorated by a small group of expats (painters, journalists,

designers…) who turned Taroudant into stylish heaven. This out-of-the-way Moroccan

gem is just 150 miles from Marrakesh at the foothills of the Atlas Mountain in Morocco.

It definitely worth a ride. Taroudant lost in time

Narrow and colorful streets of Taroudant seem like photographer’s paradise.

Taroudant market town Colorful market town Taroudant in Morocco

Souks in Taroudant are smaller and cheaper than the markets in Marrakesh. They sell

all kinds of things: from Moroccan crafts, traditional rugs and tajine pots to fashion

and home accessories. Bargaining is a must!


Beautifully decorated villas of Taroudant

Connoisseurs of the Arab Mediterranean find this place heaven, but it is not to every

taste. However, the tight-knit population of expats enjoy their life in Taroudant to the

fullest. They say ” In Taroudant you need an agenda just for your social engagements,

socially we live at 100 miles an hour”.

terrace at Le Bastion house in Taroudant Morocco

One of the terraces at Le Bastion, home of the Belgian designer Christophe Decarpentrie

and his partner Abel Naessens in Taroudant. living  room of Le Bastion in Morocco

Living room at Le Bastion.

guesthouse of Decarpentrie and Naessen

La Bergerie, another guesthouse of Decarpentrie and Naessens, from above.

Taroudant Morocco stylish villa La Bergerie

View of the swimming pool and dining room at François Gilles‘s home in Taroudant.

Dar al Hossoun garden lodge & spa

Karl Morcher's garden in Taroudant

Dar Al Hossoun is a luxurious guesthouse (bed and breakfast) in Taroudant with majestic

gardens designed by world-renowned landscape architects Eric Ossart and Arnaud Mauriere.

stylish guest room decorated by Maurieres and Ossart

A guest room at Dar Al Hossoun, designed by Maurières and Ossart.

garden lodge & spa in morocco

Refine suites and rooms of Dar Al Houssoun with breathtaking views over country orchard.

DarZahia Taroudant Morocco

DarZahia guesthouse has a beautiful tranquil terrace on the roof.

cactus garden in Taroudant

A cactus garden and stairwell to the terrace  of Chilean artist Claudio Bravo‘s home.

spa and wellness in Taroudant

La Gazelle d’Or  aims for comfort, privacy and luxury in its ground-floor stone cottages,

each with its own private terrace.


Where to stay:

Dar Al Hossoun| Majestic garden lodge & Spa surrounded by a hundred acre olive grove.

Its gardens are designed by world-renowned landscape architects (Eric Ossart and Arnaud

Mauriere)  and  its beautifully decorated rooms provide a perfect atmosphere for rest and

relaxation. The guesthouse also organizes guided tours, golf courses, horseback riding,

tennis and hiking.

DarZahria| Authentic Berber style guest house built of clay and mud surrounded by cool and

lush garden. This amazing house will give you an outstanding feeling of quietness and peace,

it will arrange for you a bed outside the house (in summer) for a night under the stars or it will

offer all kinds of activities and services, like swimming under a waterfall, picnic under the olive

trees or surf at Taghazout.

La Gazelle d’Or| Privately owned hotel, a unique and luxury retreat where the world seems

a million miles away. It is one of the most exclusive and expensive hotels in Morocco and it

serves the finest lunch buffet in the country. La Gazelle d’Or looks like a palace more than

a hotel actually and during your stay its gracious staff will make you feel like royal, too.


What to do:

There are plenty of activities that can be arranged in Taroudant, like horse back riding

excursions and hiking, learning basics of traditional Moroccan cooking in the kitchen,

bath in a traditional Turkish bath, bike ride or chariot ride around the ramparts,

explore the bird sanctuary of Souss Massa National Park, visit souks with Moroccan crafts

and so on…


If you want to read more about life in Taroudant click here – an article from T Magazine of

New York Times.


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