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colorful collection in Ikea - Brakigcolorful plates and chairs at Ikea - Brakig collectiongift boxes and furniture of BRAKIG collection, IKEA

Ikea’s new limited edition BRAKIG collection

A cool project idea and collaboration of Ikea (Swedish brand) and ArtRebels

(Danish website, community for artists and designers from around the world) resulted

with a line of limited edition products that are cool, colorful, fresh and playful. The whole

BRAKIG (Rebellious in Swedish) collection is very functional and smart with a distinctly

Danish feel, with lots of light wood and pastel colors to brighten the mood during long,

dark (Scandinavian) winter.

I’m always excited to hear about new collections at Ikea!


BRAKIG by ArtRebels

The BRAKIG collection is made up of 30 pieces and it also features complete new and

original designs. All the pieces have been designed for homes with limited space and

smaller budgets. The harlequin pattern used across the whole range is very playful, with

a taste of Trailer park music festival.


My favorite pieces are the harlequin ceramics, wallpapers and gift boxes.

What are your favorite pieces of the BRAKIG collection?


The limited-edition collection is on sale throughout February 2014, don’t miss it!


{image sources}: by Ikea


..Brakig at ArtRebels
..Trailer park music festival


  1. I’m in love with pastel shades and scandinavian style.

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