paper products from jurianne matter

Paper design by Jurianne Matter

I’m in love with Jurianne Matter‘s decorative paper designs and that’s why I’m sharing this

post with you. Jurianne is product and pattern designer from Netherlands who likes to create

beautiful, warm and festive little rituals related to important happenings in life. And who wouldn’t

want to add a bit of festivity in a daily life?! Here is a perfect collection to decorate your home

for the upcoming spring season.

1. Blom collection is always in bloom! Attach those flowers on a cocktail stick to turn cupcakes

into garden treats.

2. Forest pop-up tree cards can serve several purposes – as an invitation for your party, a just

because card for a friend, as a gift tag or a place card for a dinner.

3. Little wish boats can be used to celebrate new babies, birthdays or weddings, it takes only 3

minutes to fold them before they sail away!

4. How about making  your own wall art with this beautiful Circles collection?

5. These graphic artworks as Pop up posters could be great for  kids room.

6. These cute little sing angels could be used as greeting cards or as home decorations, standing

alone or hanging on a string.

7. Make your own colorful Blom bouquet that will last all through the spring.

Check for more Jurianne Matter’s products here. You can find various shops (online too!) that sell

her paper designs here.

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