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Italian restaurant and gourmet shop opened recently

in Dubai

Eataly is a high-end Italian restaurant and gourmet shop recently opened in the

largest shopping mall in the world – The Dubai Mall. Eataly restaurant/store was

founded in 2007 in Turin (Italy) and since then it opened 26 stores around the

world: 10 of these are in Italy, 13 of these are in Japan (yes! Japanese seem to love

italian food), 1 in New York, 1 in Chicago, 1 in Istanbul and since recently 1 in Dubai.

The idea behind Eataly is very simple and brilliant at the same time: to gather best

quality italian food under one roof, where you can eat, shop and learn. You might

need some time to roam around in here, there’s a lot to take in with all the italian

gourmet food, juice stationary, bakery, ice cream stall, coffee bar, pastry shop,

fresh pasta and mozzarella making and other existing gourmet offerings.

This place seems to be a culinary heaven!


Eataly restaurant

The restaurant uses only the highest quality ingredients from its own market

like prime meat, fish, cheese  and hand-made pasta (you can see house made

mozzarella and pasta hanging to dry), vegetables, freshly baked bread and more

to create a dish that focuses on simplicity and taste. Their pizza is delicious, it comes

with a thin crust and fresh ingredients on top – just the way they make it in Naples.

Their fresh pasta is made in-house and tastes wonderful, as much as their roasted meat

and italian antipasti like cannellini beans, braised escarole and roasted potatoes.

Italian ice cream in Eataly is not-to-be-missed!


Good thing about Eataly is you don’t need to queue for a table, it’s available on

“first come first served” basis and usually everyone gets his own table very quickly.

In Eataly there are  few seated counter & table areas and one big stand up food

and drink bar where you can have a quick bite of a pizza or a sandwich with an

espresso in a typical italian way.


Eataly gourmet shop

Italy is Eataly,  it’s a market place where you can find all your favorite italian

goodies such as Ligurian’s basil pesto, balsamic vinegar, italian pasta, finest

italian chocolate , virgin olive oil, truffles, Sicilian anchovies, Lavazza coffee,

almond biscotti and lots more. Preparing an authentic italian dinner for family

and friends won’t be so challenging anymore!


You can find out more about Eataly here.

The Dubai Mall , Lower ground floor
04 330 88 99

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