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Decorated mud houses of Tiebele

{1} Hand painted houses of a circular village Tiebele in Nahouri province of Burkina Faso

(West Africa) are homes of the Kassena people.

{2} Tiebele is known for their amazing traditional Gurunsi architecture and decorated walls

of their houses.

{3} Decorating walls is part of Burkina Faso’s culture. It’s a very ancient practice and always

a community project done by the women of the village.

{4} Burkina Faso is a very poor country, one of the poorest in the world, but culturally very rich.

{5} Decorated houses of Tiebele are built entirely of mud, raw materials, rocks, metal, wood

and straw.

{6} Beautiful artwork on the pottery-like houses of Tiebele is done by colored mud and chalk.

The motifs can illustrate anything from objects used in everyday life, to religion and beliefs.

{7} The decorating is usually done before the rainy season and protects the outside walls from

the rain, enabling the structures to last longer.

{8} Gurunsi women hand paint sukhala houses as part of their tradition  from the sixteenth

century AD.


{image sources}:  featured image is from here.


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