Entertaining|things I do:: I CELEBRATED MY FRIEND’S BIRTHDAY

stars on a birthday cakebread and vinechristmas birthday party themeballoons for the partysalad for a partytable set for the partyparty cake   birthday cake with family and friends

My friend’s birthday party

A week ago my friend Ruby celebrated her birthday. She organised a lovely party at her

home, where she lives with her husband and their little boy. They’re my close friends and

Ruby is like a sister to me. Our boys, Alex and Alex, are spending lots of time together,

playing, fighting, playing, laughing…and are becoming best buddies, too. All together we’re

more of a family than friends. Life in Dubai brought us together, but our mutual interests,

similar outlooks, passionate ideas about living and raising kids, our personalities and what

we carry within our hearts brought us very close and defined our unique friendship.


My friend’s family is Greek. So am I (half). Greek people know how to party, that’s a fact very

well-known! But when my Greek friend Ruby parties, she does it with style. And her style is

everything I like and adore…sophisticated, mix of modern and vintage, classy, arty in her own

non-pretentious way,  eclectic and bohemian. She’s a queen of hosting and entertaining and

her table set-ups are always oh-so-sweet! Apart from looking amazing, food that she cooks

(and her husband too!) is very tasty and prepared with the best quality ingredients, always

keeping the idea of healthy in mind. I hope her almost-christmas-birthday-party will inspire you

and amuse you, as much as it did all of us invitees.


Birthday cake(s) were made by me. You can find the recipes for the cakes here, here and here.



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