City reports|Beirut new spot:: CARWAN GALLERY OPENS IN BEIRUT

studio mischer traxler founders of carwan gallery beirut food instalation at carwan gallery beirut carwan pop-up gallery beirut carwan gallery opens in beirut, lebanon carwan gallery opens in beirut, lebanon

Carwan gallery in Beirut

Last month Carwan Gallery opened its first permanent gallery in Beirut, at Gefinor center,

Clemenceau, founded by architects Pascale Wakim and Nicolas Bellavance- Lecompte.

The gallery exhibits contemporary  limited-edition pieces in art and design and it features

international designers as well as local. Carwan Gallery used to operate as the first pop-up

design gallery in the Middle East, always on a mission to foster relationship between

international designers and local craftsmen, at the same time promoting the work of local

designers and craftsmen internationally.


A truly unique gallery space worth visiting while in Beirut.


at L’Ebeniste, Gefinor center
Clemenceau, Hamra, Beirut
{image sources}: Gradient Mashrabiya sideboard via Cultured magazine; founders of
Carwan gallery; Carwan gallery via Yatzer; food-design installations; all Carwan gallery
photos copyright Carwan Gallery

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