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Best apps for preschool children

best app for kids

{1} Paper town friends

Paper town friends by Robin Rosenthal is a great creative dress-up game for all ages,

super cute, funny, arty, with beautiful clothes made entirely from paper (can you believe that?!)

for six different characters and with amazing details! It’s the best dress-up game I’ve seen

so far and that doesn’t really surprise me when I know that the designer of Paper town friends

is Robin Rosenthal, a former art director at Martha Stewart Kids magazine. An awesome app

I highly recommend!

best app for children

{2} Little Fox Music Box

Little Fox music box by Fox & Sheep is another cute app for iPhones and iPads with

beautiful graphics and fun animations. First time my 3 yrs old son saw this app he was

entertained with it for almost an hour, he loved touching all the characters to see what

they’ll do next or what sound they’ll make. Little fox music box is like no other sing-along

app and it’s one of my favorite. Three songs and animations are included in this app:

London bridge, Evening song and Old MacDonald.

best apps for children

{3} Pango imaginary car

Pango imaginary car by Studio Pango is an app that gives your little one an opportunity

to build his own dream vehicle – a flying truck, a robot train, flying submarine or a house on

wheels, combining various parts together (body of the car, tires and all kinds of accessories

such as flags, wings and sirens). This ultra creative and fun game is probably my son’s favorite.

With Pango imaginary car app there’s no limit to your child’s imagination! Look for some more

fun apps from Studio Pango here.

best apps for children

{4} The Three Little Pigs

The three little pigs by Nosy Crow is one of the top 10 “best children’s books on the iPad”

(by New York Times) and the winner of 2011 Editor’s choice award (by Children’s Technology

Review magazine). This app has beautiful and vibrant animations, interactive surprises,

cheerful music, some special features and many touch points for children to participate in

this classic story about The three little pigs. Interactive books for kids are becoming more

and more popular because they enhance the storytelling and give our kids a different experience.

Although, when it comes to reading, I’m a very reading-nook-person I love this app!

best apps for children

{5} Nighty Night!

First time we downloaded Nighty Night! by Fox & Sheep for my son when he was less

than 2 years old, it was actually his first app on my husband’s iPad. I still remember his

astonished face when he saw those cute farm animals getting ready to sleep. It soon

became our most popular bedtime story and routine, he wouldn’t want to go to sleep

before all the animals are in bed too. Nighty Night! is such a lovely, warm and friendly

app, the stunning artwork is done by Oscar nominated artist Heidi Wittlinger, it is a

clever little idea for all the parents who struggle with their kids at bedtime, with more than

2 million downloads!

best apps for children, filimundus

{6} Pettson’s Inventions

Pettson’s invention by Filimundus AB is educational app for preschool children that

practices logic and stimulates creativity by helping Pettson and his cat Findus building

their inventions. This challenging game has 27 inventions for problem solving, lovely

design and cute characters. The good thing about Pettson’s inventions app is that both

children and adults can enjoy it. We all love to play it! And if you’ll be charmed by Pettson

and Findus you can download Pettson’s memo and Pettson’s Jigsaw puzzle.

best apps for children

{7} The Good Little Mole

The good little mole by Tinman Arts Co. is an animated book  that tells the story about

happy little mole who lives underground with his parents. Through this enjoyable book

with cute animations kids can learn about love, kindness, responsibility, forgiveness,

friendship…and practice their spatial skills (left, right, up, down…). The good little mole

is an educational and interactive digital book that children will enjoy reading!

best apps for children

{8} Animal Memory for Children

Animal memory for children by Fox & Sheep is a cute memory game with animals. It has

lovely animations with amazing attention to details especially  designed for preschool children.

This educational app sharpens and improves kids memory in a fun way while they discover

exotic animals from Africa, Asia and North Pole . It also has three different levels of difficulty,

so you can choose a challenge that is right for your child. The little girl Emma is adorable!

best apps for children filimundus

{9} My Little Work – Garage

My little work – garage by Filimundus AB is at the moment my son’s favorite game!

He really enjoys playing the game and experiencing working in a garage – fixing cars, changing

tires, filling up fuel and changing oil, finding broken parts, washing the cars and finally

racing together with up to four players on the same iPad or iPhone. Very exciting feature!

best apps for children toca boca

{10} Toca Band

First time I saw Toca band by Toca Boca AB at my friend’s house when her daughter

(3 yrs) was playing on her iPad and cracking of laughing. She was playing Toca Band.

This app is great fun! Your child can play with various sounds of different musical

characters and create his own band, that’s ultra cool! My boy enjoys the sound of the

blue ball with the microphone and glasses the most. We’re big fans of Toca Boca developers

and we’re always keen to find out about their new releases.


I hope you like my picks from the apps for children and you find this post helpful.

I wish your kids will enjoy them.  Have fun playing!


p.s. if I missed some really nice app for children please don’t be shy to share it with us!



  1. What a great guide. Thank you, just what I needed. I just bought the Nighty Night app, my son is going to love it tonight. So cute.

  2. Every single one of these apps looks so beautifully illustrated! My kids would love Little Fox Music Box. Also worth downloading are the Peppa Pig apps – they’re so vibrant and there are lots of fun little games to choose from.

  3. Tripti

    Hey, gr888 job!! This is soo helpful. M sure my 2.6 yr old is going to enjoy dis.
    Thank you (:

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