Travel|travel photography:: SAFFRON BLOOMS IN KASHMIR

Saffron fields in KashmirSaffron being picked in KashmirSaffrom blooms in KashmirSaffron being picked in Kashmir  Saffron being picked and arranged in Kashmir

Saffron flowers bloom in Kashmir

{1} Harvesting of saffron (a spice used in cuisine around the world) begins in the last

week of October and continues for five to six weeks in Indian region of Kashmir.

{2} Children participate in harvesting saffron and they’re very enthusiastic about it, as they

get lots of gifts for helping out.

{3} A lot of effort is put in sowing and harvesting saffron, as all the work is done manually.

{4} After flowers are picked, families sit together and they start separating the stigma from

the flower by hand.

{5} Stigma has to be dried inside the room to prevent its dark red color. India is among the

world’s four biggest producers of saffron.


Via Al Jazeera



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    Predivne fotke….koje boje

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