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Creative mum who makes food art

Her name is Samantha Lee and she’s the lovely mum of two who lives in Malaysia and

does this amazing food art for her children. She has never been to culinary school, yet

Samantha Lee easily creates edible masterpieces. Have you seen those plates?! Who

wouldn’t want to eat them? Or should I ask…who would WANT to EAT them?! Her food

art inspires thousands of mum around the globe, so I couldn’t but share this with you, too.

(in case you missed it!)


Bento ideas for kids

Samantha made the first Bento for her elder daughter when she was pregnant (in 2008)

with her second child. Since than she made hundreds of those colorful imaginative meals

and interpretations of Snoopy, Elvis, Batman, Audrey Hepburn and Rudolph. Mrs Lee says

that each dish takes about 1 hour and a half to create, starting with a sketch of her design.

She makes about four or five such special meals a week.


Samantha says she is “an ordinary, regular, an average mum“…I wouldn’t agree with

any of this. She’s super talented, very dedicated and unique, don’t you agree?


{image sources}: via Samantha Lee’s blog



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