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Books and bookshops

I have my favorite bookshop here in Dubai – Kinokuniya. It’s the kind of place where I

wish to stay for hours, a reader’s paradise. Last week I visited the bookshop twice (only!)

and I’ve discovered many interesting books, lovely maps, kids puzzles, a french magazine

that I need to subscribe to, cute calendars…and a lot more. I do have a crush on bookstores!

My favorite books this month:

{1}  If you’re already a fan of the lifestyle magazine Monocle (for young, stylish, business

oriented jetsetters) then you’ll love this new book The monocle guide to better living full

of ideas, tips, reports and recommendations for better quality of life (and nice photographs too).

Although it might be familiar to you (because parts of the book are adapted from the magazine)

it’s still essential reading.

{2} Under the walnut tree is a culinary adventure from Spain to Thailand, a cookbook written

by a Swedish most famous cooking family who collected delicious and simple recipes from

around the globe and shared them in this well presented and inspiring cookbook.

A wonderful resource!

{3} Scandinavian interior design is simple, modern and turns every house into a place where

everyone would like to live. Northern Delights is a book where such interior design and decorate

ideas and inspirations are shared. Great pictures, too. Oh, and guess what?! This book is written by

EmmaFexeus, Sweden’s top designer blogger (EMMASDESIGNBLOGG).

{4} The signature of all things is another successful novel by Elizabeth Gilbert. She writes fiction

about love, adventure and discovery. The signature of all things is nothing like her first bestseller

(Eat, pray, love) just equally beautifully written with great characters and wonderful adventure.


I’d like to hear from you what’s on your nightstand this month?


Happy reading to all of you!




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