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It’s Christmas season

At our home Christmas season arrives the first week of December. We all get very excited

because Christmas in our family means festive activities, Christmas baking, house decorating,

movie nights, friends gathering, family visiting, music playing, remembering all things nice

and sharing the joy of Christmas with others.


All things Christmas

Red is my favorite color for Christmas. I like to decorate our home with wooden and vintage

ornaments, nutcrackers (and lots of nuts to crack as well), apple & cinnamon scented candles,

fairy lights, snowballs, jars filled with Christmas biscuits, Christmas cards and hand-made garlands.

My all time favorite Christmas movie is The nightmare before Christmas, we watch it at home

every year around Christmas time. I love it (more than anyone else in the family)!

Festive pop songs that fill up my heart with Christmas joy are this one and this one.


Are you already in the festive mood? Let it be Christmas!


{image sources}: nutcrackers; candle light houses; red branch for Christmas; strawberry Santas;

snowman baby; vintage Sarah Kay; marshmallow snowman; Christmas ornament; snowmen cookies.

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