Beirut New Spot:: LIZA BEIRUT

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Restaurant Liza opened in Beirut

After serving the best of Lebanese contemporary cuisine in Paris for 10 years now, Lisa

opened its new branch in Beirut in the heart of the city. This stylish restaurant offers simple

cuisine that affirms its origins and reinterprets traditional Lebanese dishes.

Thanks to its convenient location Lisa Beirut is ideal for quick business lunch, relaxed

dinner with friends or Sunday brunch with the family.


Liza Beirut interior design

The interior of Liza Beirut combines Middle Eastern exotic style with wood carvings and

decorative custom made wallpapers (by ARJUMAND). It appears light and fresh where

everything old is regenerated and re-mixed. Liza Beirut is definitely one of the Beirut’s best

places to sit and eat.


Check their delicious menu and find more about the restaurant here:



  1. Dalia

    Hello I like your article about the lizabeirut restaurant! Since you spoke about the Interior design of the place, I was wondering if you could also please let me know who the Interior designer is?
    Thank you 🙂
    take care 🙂

  2. Hello Dalia!
    Thank you for reading and liking my article 🙂
    The interior decorator of Liza Beirut restaurant is Maria Ousseimi, member of The Executive Board of Beirut Art Center. She also wrote a book Caught in the Crossfire: Growing up in a War Zone and she’s one of the Council Members of Foundation Ousseimi. Although she hasn’t studied art and design, Maria enjoys decorating her friend’s restaurants and one has admit…she is excellent in doing so!
    Wallpapers by ARJUMAND.
    Hope to hear from you soon! 🙂

    • Dalia

      Wooow! Thank you sooo much for replying back and how clear you were! You gave me all the information I asked for and even more! That’s very professional of you! Keep up the excellent work! 🙂 I do agree she has an Amazing talent! 😀 I’m in Love with what she has done here!
      Thank you again! Have a nice day 😀

  3. LukasZ

    Guys if you want to watch her first amateur pictures simply type in google: Bumelonto’s galleries

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