christmas market in vienna

europ's best christmas markets

europ's best christmas markets

europ's best christmas markets

christmas market in paris, europe

European Christmas market in Dresden

europ's best christmas markets

European Christmas markets

Winter in Europe can be magical. Embrace the festive spirit by traveling to some of

the European best Christmas markets. Here is my list of the continent’s most beautiful

picture-postcard Christmas markets:


{1} Vienna’s Christmas markets used to be my favorite when I lived in Croatia. I used to

visit the Austrian capital almost every year around Christmas time and I never had enough

of it. Several Christmas markets are organized in Vienna and one of the most important

ones is The Christmas Fair in Rathausplatz. There you can taste Austrian sausages,

Weihnachtspunsch(hot alcohol drink), cotton candy, grilled chestnuts, apple strudel

(traditional Viennese pastry) and shop handicrafts, Christmas ornaments and The Krampus

(beast-like character from folklore). Vienna’s baroque architecture, twinkle lights and

snowflakes make the festive season magical.


{2} Christmas markets in Tallinn are usually covered by snow thanks to its latitude, so

an atmosphere of winter wonderland is almost guaranteed. In Tallinn’s Christmas markets

you can find all sorts of Estonian hand-made crafts, local delicacies, woollen hats,

embroidered quilts, Christmas decorations and a lot more. While sipping a mulled wine you

can truly enjoy Tallinn at its best.


{3} Cologne’s Christmas market is placed in front of the impressive Cologne’s cathedral and

it’s one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany. More than 160 stalls showcase

Christmas decorations, gifts made by local artisans, sweets and various festive goodies. Keep

yourself warm with a mug of hot mulled vine while searching for a perfect nutcracker

(device for cracking nuts) to take home.


{4} Christmas markets in Paris are relatively new, but the one along the Champs Elysees

shouldn’t be missed. With over 60 huts selling french goodies, delicious food, arts, crafts,

children’s toys, candles and a lot more you’ll easily find ideal stocking fillers. The whole

experience is enhanced by live music and dancing, evocative aromas and Parisian Joie de Vivre.

Don’t forget Paris is always a good idea!


{5} Another popular Christmas markets in Germany is the one in Dresden. With its tradition

older than 600 years the Christmas market attracts more than 2 million visitors every year. Dresden

is at its best in winter, when everything is covered with snow. It even smells like Christmas as the

captivating aromas of mulled wine, roasted chestnuts and baked gingerbread  mingle in the air.

Add the sound of bells and choirs and you’ll get the perfect spot in which to get into the festive mood.


Christmas shopping

It doesn’t really matter which Christmas market you’re going to visit, without a doubt you’ll enjoy

wandering around soaking the Christmas spirit while choosing lovely gifts for the family and friends.

If you’re looking for gift ideas here are my favorite picks:

Nutcrackers – decorative wooden devices for cracking nuts in a shape of a soldier, king or knight.

Christmas ornaments – decorations for the Christmas tree or home.

Music boxes – traditional, themed music box makes a perfect gift for a fairy tale or music lovers.

Home made chutneys and sausages – if you a have a gourmand in the family.

Wooden toys for children – only if they’re hand made by local crafters

Gingerbread houses –  edible houses made of gingerbread (biscuit with honey and ginger)


A day a Christmas market will feel like a magic Christmas fairy tale. Happy holidays!


{image sources}: Vienna’s Christmas market; Christmas market in Linz; Cologne Christmas
market; London’s Monocle Christmas market; Carousel in Parisian Christmas market; Christmas
market stalls covered with snow in Tallinn ; Christmas market in Strasbourg; Christmas market
in ParisChristmas market of DresdenGerman Christmas market in Jena; Christmas market
in Tallinn.


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