creative mum, sleeping babycreative mum, sleeping babycreative mum, sleeping babycreative mum, sleeping babycreative mum, sleeping babycreative mum, sleeping baby  creative mum, sleeping baby

Creative mum makes beautiful art with her

sleeping baby.

Her name is Sioin Queenie Liao and she is the super creative and imaginative mum

(of three boys) behind a camera who creates this wonderful and inspiring art with

sleeping son. How amazing is that!

Photography has always been Sioin Queenie Liao’s hobby and after the birth of her first

child she started taking photos of her baby boy, inspired from the beautiful works of

Anne Geddes.


Wengenn in Wonderland

Sioin Queenie Liao has created a wonderful series of photos called Wengenn in Wonderland.

It is an album with over 100 photographs , each portraying a cute imaginative fairy tale-like

story of Wengenn on adventure journey. All photos were taken while her son was sleeping.

Sioin Queenie Liao creates a theme first, then she places her son at the center of the theme

before she starts taking photos. Queenie uses everyday objects like blankets, toys, clothes

and paper to create imaginative scenarios around her napping baby boy Wengenn.


Some cute photos of sleeping Wengenn:

Wengenn’s symphony, Wengenn at halloween, The wise owl storyteller, A romantic dinner,

The nutcracker soldier, The precious Matryoshka, Reaching the stars, The mighty king of

spades, A castle in the sky, The redeemer and his birdie, Magic sail ride, Magic carousel in

the sky, Soaring high in the sky.

{all photos copyright Sioin Queenie Liao}


Check: www.wengenninwonderland.com


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