Newsflash:: DUBAI WINS EXPO 2020

dubai wins expo 2020

The World Expo for the first time is

coming to the region and to the UAE.

Expo 2020 will be brought to Dubai. CONGRATULATIONS!

The day we’ve been all impatiently waiting for has finally come,


From today we’ll be watching Dubai grow and change, knowing and

witnessing how Dubai constantly pushes architectural boundaries

we’ll be expecting miracles to happen.


Dubai is a city of the world.

Dubai is a melting pot of different nationalities, a city where traditional

values and modernity live side-by-side. Dubai today might be one of the most

hyper-connected places on the planet, a global hub and a getaway for the wider region.


Dubai is now one of the world’s  top 10  urban tourist destinations, attracting

more than 9 million visitors last year. Bringing EXPO 2020 to the UAE will

re-establish  Dubai as an important cultural hub on the world stage.


Find out more:


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