In the season:: CHRISTMAS SWEETS

christmas cookies

christmas pie, christmas cookies

gingerbread house, christmas baking

christmas cookies, almond stars, meringue

christmas cake, christmas rolade

It’s the season of Christmas sweets

Apart from Christmas tree, Christmas gifts and Christmas spirit in general, we

LOVE Christmas sweets. And if they’re home-made then we love them even more!

What’s nicer than a captivating smell of freshly baked Christmas cookies coming out

of the kitchen? I could spend hours in my kitchen baking sweets for Christmas and

decorating our dining table with all those jars and plates filled with delicious sweets.

I can’t imagine our Christmas holiday without almond and cinnamon stars, they’re

my favorite. They’re so tasty, very decorative if stored in glass jars and they stay fresh

for long time (if they last!).


Traditional sweets for Christmas


Every year I make few kinds of traditional Christmas sweets,

like Buche de Noel – traditional dessert served on Christmas Eve mostly in France and

francophone countries;  Gingerbread men – a biscuit made of gingerbread in a shape

of a man, traditionally at our home decorated by kids; Greek almond biscuits – usually

baked by my Greek grandma and Linzer torte – my mum’s favorite Austrian torte with

hazelnuts and raspberry jam.

What about you? Do you have your favorite Christmas sweet recipe?


Christmas sweets ideas

Get started early on your Christmas baking and with these cute festive ideas make the

best Christmas treats for your family and friends. They’re too-cute-to-eat!


{image sources}: tiny gingerbread houses for a cup of hot chocolate; Christmas
chocolate pie with little christmas trees; white little birds biscuits; gingerbread house
for Christmas; gingerbread house as a sweet Christmas gift; little coconut snowman;
chocolate&cinnamon meringue cookies; Buche de Noelalmond&cinnamon stars
snowy igloo for Christmas; pink winter wonderland roulade via Knot magazine.


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