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I live in Dubai, in a city where over 200 nationalities live in peace and harmony, in

a multicultural city with enriching environment where people all around the world

speak one language – language of unity. I find it amazing! Raising kids in such city

might be challenging sometimes but also rewarding and enriching for both parents

and children. In today’s world of multicultural living we’re teaching kids to

understand and embrace other cultures and diversities and to appreciate being a

member of such multicultural society.


I’m raising my son (3.5 years old) to be ethical and caring, a freethinker with an open

mind and without prejudices. Also, I’m teaching him about the world we live in,

different people coming from different parts of the world and different cultures, their

traditions and customs. Together we explore music from around the world, we watch

cartoons in different languages and we play all kinds of games and read all kinds of books

written by people all over the world. As a parent I feel obliged to give our child freedom

of choice (in this matter) and freedom of thinking for himself.


Kids discover and learn a lot through playing. I’m sharing with you few ideas how to

teach kids about the world they live in while reading books (encyclopedias, bed time stories

from around the world, atlas for kids, mythology books, etc), listening to music (my favorite

are Putumayo CDs with various songs for kids from around the globe), doing puzzles, drawing…

I hope you find them inspirational. Know the world!


{image sources}: world map as a wall sticker by MIMI’lou; world map puzzle by DJECO;
around the globe puzzle by LONDJI All around the world sticker bookAround the world
with Mouk book; interactive felt weather world mapy ; World Playground by Putumayo;
Kids world party by Putumayo; plate The world by Smiling Planet




  1. Vlatka

    I couldn’t agree more! Very inspirational!

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