In the season:: ADVENT CALENDARS

Advent calendar

Advent calendar

Advent calendar


















































It’s Christmas time

Five weeks to go to Christmas and we’re all getting into the festive mood. Jingle bells!

Time seems to pass more quickly these days and as November races by, Christmas will

be here before we know it.


DIY Advent calendars

Advent calendar is a very special calendar, usually favored by kids, used to count or

celebrate the days in anticipation of Christmas. It begins at 1st December. The origin

of the Advent calendar can be tracked back to the 19th century and the first Advent

calendar filled with chocolate was already available in 1958.


Advent calendar ideas

If you have kids at home, or you wish to surprise someone from your family or your

friend Advent calendar is always a great idea. I have selected some beautiful Advent

calendars that could be easily made yourself (check resources links) or can be

purchased on Etsy.

Have a wonderful holiday and keep your festive (and creative) spirit!

{image sources}:: taped on the wall simple advent calendar; DIY advent calendar on
a branch; DIY advent calendar with envelopes; DIY advent calendar on a christmas tree;
DIY advent calendar for christmas; DIY print out houses as advent calendar; woodland
ornament advent calendar.

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