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Suzani   Suzani


I love the colorful, authentic and unique tribal decorative textile called SUZANI

(Suzani in Persian means needle). The art of such needlework originally comes from

Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan. These hand-made textiles are usually made

with cotton or silk base and embroidered in silk or cotton thread. Suzanis were

traditionally made by Central Asians brides as part of their dowry. I can only imagine

how gorgeous those suzanis must have been.

The process of making Suzani is an interesting work. It starts first by creating a pattern

by drawing in ink on a textile fabric. Then several women would embroider different

pannels and after the embroidery was complete the pannels would be sewn together

in one piece of cloth.

You can add colors to your home by bringing one or more beautiful suzani decorative

throws, pillows, table cloths or curtains. They’re such decorative pieces, you could easily

turn your classic home into bohemian or eclectic. Here I suggest just few ideas, although

there are plenty.

Best places to shop for suzani textile are in the countries of its origin, like bazaars in

Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan with plenty of stunning pieces. There you can bargain and

get the best needlework at the best price, too.

If you live in (or visit) Dubai, then you can find some nice suzani textiles at Afghanistan

pavilion in Global Village. But you have to run there before their limited quantities are

sold out. Also check online Uzbek-craft. Hope you’ll find your piece of treasure!


{image sources}:: suzani bed cover in beige; beautiful suzani via; suzani
as wall decoration; add colour to your bedroom with suzani bed cover; pastel suzani
hand made suzani from uzbekistan via; simple white sofa with suzani;
decorative textile suzani; DIY ottoman with suzani.

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