Pirate birthday party

Pirate birthday party

Pirate birthday party

Pirate birthday party

Pirate birthday party

Pirate birthday party

Ahoy Mateys!

If you have a boy (or a girl) who is mad about pirates I hope this post will give you few

ideas how to throw an unforgettable  pirate party.


For my son’s third birthday we threw a pirate birthday party, on his request. Back then

he was so much into pirates, the theme for the party was obvious. I was all over Dubai

looking for party decorations but then finally I decided to make them myself. I spent few

hours online gathering party and cake ideas on Pinterest, free print outs and recipes.

Once I had all the ideas and inspiration I started making decorations. Phew!

Apart from party decorations I also prepared few games and a photo booth for kids to

take fun photos inside (with some pirate accessories), colorful parrots for the game

strike the parrot (I made parrots from toilet paper rolls, I colored them and decorated

with feather), walk the plank game (it was everyone’s favorite!) and a tattoo stall with

(again) pirate drawings. That was enough activities for 3 hours party. Music from Jake

and the Neverland pirates was playing all the time, so it was a real pirate fiesta.

Kids were also enjoying: red velvet cupcakes, pirate bananas, carrot muffins, white

cake pops and pirate cake pops (party favors for the kids invited), cheese balls

(canon balls), juices and water.

I made chocolate ganache pirate ship cake, I did the decoration with playmobil pirates

and I cut sails from paper with sculls printed on. The smile on my son’s face when he saw

the cake was worth all the efforts.  All in all, he loved his birthday party and until today

he talks about it.

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to kids birthday parties I’m a bit old-fashioned

mum. My favorite parties are those organized at home, for closest friends only, with a home 

made cake (even if it doesn’t look like the one from the pastry shop’s catalogue, it’s still good!)

and with lots of fun! How do you like to party with your kids?


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