Kids play & learn:: VIVA TOPO!


Viva topo!

Playing is learning. Children can learn while playing enjoyable games and it’s so much

fun! Board games could be an excellent idea for family gatherings or kids play dates.

Board games increase attention, listening and concentration skills, they enhance

vocabulary, encourage higher level thinking skills and teach good sportsmanship.

All in all, a family that plays together, stays together. So why not start playing board

games if you haven’t started already?


Viva Topo! is an exciting dice game with a cat and mice and plenty of cheese

waiting to be collected along the way. It’s an adventurous game for 2-4 players from

4 years. My son loves it and it’s one of his favorite board games (and we have many!)

The wooden figures are so delightful and the artwork on the board is charming too.


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