Style icon:: IRIS APFEL

iris apfel iris apfel iris apfel

Style icon in her 90s


92 year-old style icon Iris Apfel is everything but old! She calls herself a geriatric starlet

and the world’s oldest teenager, but the rest of the world calls her style iconShe is

fashion’s latest muse who inspires everyone from designers to fashion magazine editors

and is admired for her unique fashion style, her young spirit and wit.


Apart from her business career as an interior designer, Iris Apfel  is also known for her

oversized signature glasses, more-is-more way of accessorizing (in her own words

“more is more and less is a bore”), giant necklaces layered over each other and  bangles

stacked up her arms. She inspires everyone around her to do more, learn more and be

more. She believes that “price has nothing to do with style” and she proves it with

incorporating high and low fashion, vintage, ethnic and contemporary trends and a sense

of humor. Mrs Apfel is indeed the stylish legendary New Yorker.


image sources: Iris Apfel for MAC cosmeticsIris in redMrs Apfel wearing turquoise;
beige harmonyIris’s oversized necklaces; her signature glassesIris with her husband;
Apfel’s jewellery collectionIris Apfel’s recognisable style

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