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Dubrovnik – A jewel at the Adriatic Coast


I’m from Croatia but that’s not why I’m telling you that Croatia is one of the most

beautiful countries in the world. What makes it so beautiful is its deep blue sea,

breathtaking landscapes, green and rocky mountains, unspoilt nature, picturesque

town and authentic islands, friendly people and a lot more to discover during your visit.

Croatia is mostly known for football, beautiful women, relaxed lifestyle, Dalmatian dogs

and cravat (the forerunner of the modern necktie and bow tie) among many other things.

The most famous Croatian hot spot is Dubrovnik. Why Dubrovnik? Well, for a reason.

The medieval town of Dubrovnik is more timeless than trendy although celebrities across

the board are heading to the town for a sunshine getaway putting Dubrovnik on the

trendsetter’s map. Once in the past Dubrovnik was one of Europe’s wealthiest cities and

was home to finest artists and architects. UNESCO named Dubrovnik a World Heritage

Site and until today it’s marble streets, beautiful baroque buildings and fountains, medieval

walls, excellent fish restaurants, annual events and festivals (Dubrovnik Summer Festival,

Libertas Film Festival), tranquil surroundings, clean pebble beaches and pleasant climate

attract millions of visitors to Dubrovnik.


While in Dubrovnik:

:: eat Dubrovačka rožata (Dubrovnik crème brulee),  janjetina (young lamb) baked under

the iron bell and grilled fish from Adriatic sea

:: drink some delicious local wine

:: take home few souvenirs from local artists or old women selling crochet, dried lavender

or home-made honey

:: walk the medieval walls

:: take a day trip to one of the islands opposite of Dubrovnik – Lokrum, LopudKoločep

and Šipan, or rent a kayak and paddle along the coast

:: instead of staying in one of many hotels in Dubrovnik, experience something different

and book yourself a room in bed & breakfast, meet your local host and learn more about

the culture, customs, every day life, etc.

:: visit local market and buy some fresh fruits and vegetables, dry figs, home-made jams

or crafts

:: dance the night away in bars and pubs around Stradun street or enjoy nice live music

in Jazz Cafe Troubadour


Let me know if you’re going to Dubrovnik and you need more  suggestions, I’ll be happy

to share few more tips from my little notebook!


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