on my nightstand

I will be suggesting few good reads to you every month and I also hope to hear from you

about the books you’re currently reading or you highly recommend. I’ve struggled for

few years (after my son was born) to find time for reading (and not just reading books

about kids!) and I can happily admit that this time has come. Let me know if you like

my picks…


{1} Seasons is another amazing Donna Hay’s cookbook that gives readers suggestions

for how to enjoy the best of each season. Stunning photography and delicious recipes

organized by season make this book a wonderful addition to Donna Hay’s collection.

{2} This book is definitely a must if you’re going to visit Beirut and you don’t want to

waste your time in one of the coolest cities in the Middle East. Boho Beirut by Shirine

Saad introduces to readers some of Lebanese artists, chefs, shop or gallery owners…and

their favorite places to eat, shop, relax or get lost.

{3}Handsomely designed and illustrated book 36 hours by Barbara Ireland is fun to read

and it offers 125 itineraries throughout Europe, from very famous destinations and trips

to those less known and unexpected. With over 4500 hours worth of itineraries,

recommendations for more than 500 restaurants and 400 hotels, detailed city-by-city maps

this book will surely help you make the most of your stay.

{4} If your child is a fussy eater then don’t think twice before getting this book! French kids

eat everything is essential read and it will change lives of parents and their children and

as a result one can expect  a real family food revolution. Need more? It’s humorous AND

instructive at the same time.


Have a wonderful time reading!


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